Joint Pain Relief (PRP)



At Chameleon Medical Spa, Dr. Albert Boyd is excited to offer men and women suffering with arthritis and joint pain, an effective non-surgical treatment using your own blood.  Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), sometimes referred to Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP) therapy for joint pain relief is an amazing minimally invasive procedure that utilizes your blood’s natural healing properties to promote tissue repair and accelerate healing of damaged tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and muscles, thus relieving pain.

PRP is becoming more well-known due to the increased usage of professional athletes who are receiving PRP treatment to add in swelling, stiffness, pain and inflammation. PRP is a viable alternative to pain pills, injections and other treatments.

Am I Candidate for PRP to Treat my Joint Pain?

You may be a candidate for PRP treatment if you are suffering with problems affecting your knee.  PRP is effective in treating knee sprain, injury or osteoarthritis.vConsult with Dr. Boyd to see if PRP will help you relieve your knee joint pain.

How Does PRP Work to Relieve Joint Pain?

PRP is derived from a sample of your blood. The process is straightforward, painless and done at Chameleon Medical Spa.  After a small amount of your blood is drawn it is placed in a centrifuge to separate your blood into red blood cells and concentrated platelets.  The PRP injections contain plasma with a higher concentration of platelets than is found in normal blood.

When treating patients with PRP, Dr. Boyd precisely injects PRP directly into the desire area of treatment (affected joint.).  The goal is to provide pain relief, improve joint functioning and possibly slow or even repair damage to cartilage. PRP is effective in relieving pain for four to six weeks.

Numerous research studies and clinical practice have shown PRP therapy to be effective at relieving pain and returning patients to their normal lives. The clinical results of PRP therapy of tissue repair are confirmed with ultrasound and MRI images.

Is PRP Safe?

Selphyl®for Joint Pain Relief (PRP) - DeSoto, TXDr. Boyd uses Selphyl® Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix technology, an advanced product  that utilizes a small sample of your blood to isolate red blood cells into a platelet rich.  Since the platelet-rich-plasma is processed from the patient’s own blood, there is virtually no risk of allergic reaction. The Selphyl® PRFM system contains no animal or synthetic products.

How long is the PRP Process, is it Painful and What Results can I Expect?

Dr. Boyd explains to patients that processing your blood for the PRP process is a simple blood draw which takes just a couple of minutes, followed by  centrifugation of the blood. The entire PRP process is approximately one hour. Patients have minimal discomfort with PRP injections, dependent upon the injection sites.  Dr. Boyd uses guided ultrasound to precisely inject your plasma into the affected area.

Patients can expect pain relief and increased functioning within four to six weeks, dependent upon the area and extent of the injury.*  Time is needed to allow the tissue. Vigorous exercise or exertion is not recommended.

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